Library Services

As MDM Entertainment is a specialist supplier of shelf-ready AV materials exclusively to the Australian public library market our whole business model has been established to fulfil requirements by Local and State Government library services.

Regardless of what service you require we would be able to provide it. Working with public library services is all we do.

MDM Entertainment has been providing libraries with shelf-ready services for over 10 years. We have a team of dedicated processing and cataloguing staff with the majority of them having many years experience in working in libraries. This provides them with the experience to appreciate what the library service's expected outcome is. This is very valuable to have. Our staff have had much experience in working with many different library management systems, RFID systems and working to many different specifications for shelf-ready services. We have always been able to deliver what the customer has expected. We make sure our cataloguing staff are kept up to date with new cataloguing standards and provide them with any necessary training required.

MDM Entertainment has also been providing selection services to our customers for over 10 years. MDM Entertainment is providing this service to a wide range of different library types which shows we are able to provide each library an individual tailored service which best works for their collection. Assisting us with being able to do this is the product knowledge our staff have in the Film, Music and Publishing industries. Not only do we have the extensive experience of working with libraries and understanding each of our customer's individual needs but we also have a complete understanding of how the film, music and publishing industries work which provides the necessary experience and knowledge to monitor the consumer landscape and anticipate public demand in libraries. We have the capability and knowledge to supply the broadest range of AV materials to a consumer market, which we have had much experience in.

MDM Entertainment is always striving to be at the cutting edge of technologies and systems to assist with delivering goods and services to public libraries all over Australia. Over the years we have had to adopt, create and implement many different systems to be able to meet the expectations of our customer. This includes technologies such as on order records with order tag information, order history recognition in our online ordering facility, specific reporting modules for the Local and State Government departments, RFID linking/encoding systems for partner vendors, cataloguing services delivered through many different library management systems, EDIFACT functionality, delivery dockets and consolidated invoicing, just to name a few. To assist in the expansion of technologies and systems, we attend many local and international trade shows focused of library supply. We understand that we are working within an industry that embraces change in all aspects and we aim to be at the cutting edge of technologies and systems to be able to deliver your library a service above the rest.

As our customer base is made of up State and Local Government departments we understand the importance of creating cost savings benefits and efficiencies to our customer base. Our ongoing investment into the Australian public library trade will ensure that over the future years we will continue to develop systems, processes, staff and product ranges that as a result will deliver a service that will stay relevant to a progressing landscape that is Public Libraries.