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What we do

We have intentionally built our business to be the complete solution for your print, media and entertainment needs.

We provide additional benefits and services to improve deliverables and create cost saving efficiencies to support Library Services in balancing their needs to reduce costs while ensuring the quality of services delivered to their communities continue at a high standard.

We provide Print, DVD, Blu-Ray, Audiobook, Music CDs, and Digital content from both Local and International publishers. We have access to all Open Market content as well as our own exclusive ranges.
Budget Management and Acquisition Support
We provide budget management and acquisition support to ensure Library budgets are allocated within approved limits to the right resources at the right times.
Profile-based Selection Services
Our experienced team will provide a selection of materials that are modern, popular, responsive, and are in line with your selection profiles to ensure titles supplied meet your communities' needs.
Order to Delivery Work Flows
Through custom work flows we can provide time saving efficiencies from the point of order placement to supply, including order records, EDI, consolidated invoices, flexible reporting and direct to branch delivery.
Standing Order Service
Our Standing Order service will guarantee new titles released from your favourite Authors are automatically ordered well in advance of release, with delivery taking place close to their release date.
Opening Day Collections
We support Libraries with their Opening Day Collections by providing materials that fit their needs. We process orders and store materials at our warehouse free of charge until the library is ready to take delivery.
Shelf-ready Services
We provide customised cataloguing and physical processing services across all the formats we supply, allowing your product to reach your patrons faster!.
Customised Services
Public library services are delivered by a variety of administrative arrangements and are delivered in a variety of ways. We have been able to demonstrate that no matter the size, complexity, or uniqueness of the library, we have been able to provide a customised service that meets their individual requirements.

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Our solutions

Working exclusively with public libraries ensures our whole business model has been established to fulfil your individual requirements

MDM Entertainment

Your Public Library Preferred Supplier of Audio Visual Resources

MDM Entertainment is Australia's largest specialist supplier of audio visual materials to public libraries. Through our knowledge of these collection areas, and with the breadth of content we have access to, libraries who engage with us for the supply of their DVD, Blu-Ray, Audiobook and Console Game collections achieve better outcomes with circulation of materials ensuring a greater return on investment.

MDM Entertainment + MDM Print

Two Specialist Suppliers Providing a Single Source Solution

Having the MDM Entertainment and MDM Print operations under the same roof will provide your library service with the option to receive single source supply benefits while continuing to work with two expert specialist suppliers. This will ensure your collections will maintain a breadth of content that is diverse and comprehensive and includes balanced content for all your library patrons.

MDM Print

Your Specialist Print Supplier Brought to you by MDM Entertainment

MDM Print is the physical book supply division of MDM Entertainment and is a specialist supplier of print materials and associated services. MDM Print is able to provide materials across all book formats for all your collection areas. Through our acquisition of Keith Ainsworth Pty Ltd, we have been able to acquire over 60 years of staff experience in book supply including customer support, profile and standing order selection, acquisition services and publisher relationships.


Access a World of Digital Content with hoopla Digital

hoopla is the only all-in-one app with access to every digital format available. This breadth expands beyond formats, with titles available for all ages, lifestyles, and activities. Whatever your members' interests are, hoopla has it. From cooking to knitting, mysteries to romance, blockbusters to art house, puzzles to lifelong learning, bestsellers to classics, independent authors to the largest publishers and studios, and anything in between, it's all right here.


Promote Patron Engagement and Increase Circulation Stats

Hublio is a modern Patron Driven Acquisition tool for Public Libraries. Patrons are empowered to discover, recommend, and reserve newly released, forthcoming and backlist physical Print and Audio Visual titles. They feel acknowledged and valued whilst helping your library build relevant collections and identify changes in lending trends to better develop your collection profiles.


Wonderbooks and Launchpads by Playaway

Playaway Wonderbooks and Launchpads promote literacy, bridge the digital divide, and make technology accessible to everyone. Wonderbook provides a read-along experience like never before and is a print book with a ready-to-play audiobook inside. Launchpad tablets are pre-loaded with content for kids, teens, and adults, designed with a simple, easy-to-use interface, and 100% secure.

We have intentionally built our business to be the complete
solution for your print, media and entertainment needs

MDM Entertainment has been working exclusively with public libraries since our establishment in July 2008.

The MDM Online Ordering System

Our Online Ordering Interface is designed to streamline your acquisitions process while providing you with all the tools you need to discover your next collection items.

Unlimited account holders

Nominate as many account holders as you wish to be able to have access to our online ordering platform.

Innovative features

Intelligent search options and browsable curated lists. Multiple order carts going at any one time.

Flexible purchase ordering

Purchase order numbers can be applied each time of ordering, or a static purchase order number can be set for a nominated duration.

Specifically designed for public libraries

Developed specifically for the public library industry and is a user-friendly web-ordering tool. Account setup including Branch locations,  fund codes, and collection areas.

Patron Requests

For patron requests we also have the functionality to include that particular patron's library card number within the brief order record, which can automate the patron hold within LMS to the brief record we provide.

Live API updates

Through an API so your live library's item holdings could display within our online purchasing websites to provide you with visibility of your catalogue and item holdings within our online purchasing websites.

Bulk upload of titles

Can accept high reservation reports, aged title reports and deletion reports directly from your Library management system. This means a bulk load of titles can automatically be ordered including copy numbers.

Different user types

Setup your users according to their roles. This allows your library to monitor who is able to access certain functions of the ordering facility including centralising the approval of orders. Orders can be requested for approval by regular users, which will send an email alert to your approval staff to review and submit the orders.

Orders Recorded

Functionality to identify when a title has been previously ordered. The information supplied allows your library staff to see what date, purchase order and branch this title was allocated to in order to make a decision as to whether or not they wish to repurchase the title. Creation of Brief Order Records including your specific order tag information for auto adding of order holding into your LMS.

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